Planning. Problems. Implementing successful change.

Spirit of problemsAt work, we all plan.
Our plans have formal, specific objectives and measurable outcomes. We plan for the growth anticipated and for the problems foreseen.
But as the year progresses, the unexpected can influence our plans and more particularly, our planned outcomes.
Then, we need to review and perhaps regroup and change our plans.
We can deal with the problems by using our accumulated experience and expertise and, often this works.
Sometimes, we need to go beyond experience and assumption and revise and make new plans and new decisions based on knowledge – knowledge of customer or competitor activity and behaviour.
But inevitably, time is tight.
The old plans need modifying and new solutions need to be implemented quickly, to enable us to overcome the emergent problems.
Here, our 20 Questions One Topic™ monitors (contact us for a brochure) can get you the rapid knowledge you need, enabling more effective change so your planned achievements are met as nearly as possible.
To know more, or to discuss your plans-disrupting problems, please call or email Philip Derham.