3 steps to more cost-effective focus groups.

People are influenced by where they live and where they live influences their purchase behaviour.  And these geographically-based differences in attitudes and behaviour can affect your sales.

So when looking to understand the influence of these geographically-based differences on your sales, we have found face-to-face focus groups to be a useful research tool.

But face-to-face focus groups across the country can be costly.

We may have to travel from Dubbo to Darwin and to Doncaster and beyond to ensure your key customer or prospect segments are researched.  And you can’t always be there yourself to see what they are saying.

This is the tyranny of distance in Australia – and beyond, if you have an international business.  But there is a solution.

That solution is that of online focus groups.  We run each of those online focus groups with 4 or 5 or 6 people selected for relevance from a range of areas.  All participate at the same time.  They use their screens and web cams, so we can all see each other and the images or words we want them to see, just as we do in face-to-face focus groups.

With three key differences.

  1. The participants are in their homes (in Sydney or in New York, in Bendigo or in Idaho, in Penrith or in Perth) and I’m in my office.

No travel.  No travel costs.

  1. You can watch each group from work or at home as fits your time.
  2. You can, via the researcher, seek more comment on a participant’s comment, while that topic is relevant and fresh.

If you want to know more about online focus groups and their capacity to inform you, more cost-effectively, call or email me, Philip Derham, and I’ll tell you more – online or offline as you wish.