Staff who feel they belong, perform better, so knowing what your staff think strengthens your business.

Schooldays – remember then who contributed to your school’s success?  

It was far more than just the nominated leaders. 

It was all the students who took part in the school’s many activities and so helped it to be better place than otherwise. 

The engaged students were not necessarily the best at the activities, but were all the ones who showed up and tried, so the school could be a better school for all.
It’s the same at work.

Not everyone will be the gun sales person.  Not everyone can be the most original marketing thinker.  Not everyone can be the absolute best at customer service. 

But everyone who tries, contributes to your organisation being better and more effective. We could assume that everyone who turns up for work is engaged and committed.  And if something is holding them back from delivering that, they know “My door is always open”.

As we see in the news now, even with open doors, there are barriers to staff coming forward.  Often staff think that it is better to continue quietly, to be less engaged and contribute less than they could, and perhaps choose not to risk their futures by coming in that open door. 

The problems fester.  Engagement and effectiveness are less.  And your business is weaker than it needs to be.

This is where our Staff Engagement Monitor can help you.

As a guaranteed anonymous survey, undertaken by an independent outside researcher, your staff can honestly answer how engaged and committed to your enterprise they feel.  And they can explain the concerns that hold them back from delivering their maximum engaged productivity. 

We then report those insights in anonymous totals so you can be pleased to see where your management has made your organisation excellent .  And can see areas where change will enable your staff to engage and contribute more effectively.  

To find out how our Staff Engagement Monitor can help you to strengthen your staff in performing their roles, please call or email Philip Derham on or 0414 543 765.