The March 2021 retail sales data – and opportunities it shows

Yesterday, the Australian Bureau of Statistics released its March 2021 quarter retail sales data.

In this 2 minute video, Philip Derham notes key findings and the need to ensure that marketing activities are both sector-relevant and appeal to the current shopper motivations.

The different shopper motivations now are exemplified in the marked increase in spending in the leisure/pleasure cafes, restaurants and takeaway food sector, and the decline in the supermarkets and liquor sector sales.

How to make customer-wanted shorter surveys give you what you need, too.

Our research on survey completions, over the last decade, has found that online surveys longer than 12 minutes on average have higher dropouts. People just stop, regardless of the incentive to complete the survey, if they are too long.

Knowing this, we plan our online surveys to average 12 minutes or less.

But the problem can often be that you need to know more about your customers or your staff and their needs. A 12-minute survey can be too short to ask all you need to know. 

One solution is for us to write the long survey that answers all your questions. Then divide it into smaller surveys, and when those shorter surveys are finished, we combine the answers to tell you all you need.

But an effective, additional way to get more from your online surveys is to include the information you already know about your customers (or staff). We already upload their names and email addresses, so each customer or staff member receives a personal invitation to complete the survey. And each invitation has its own individual, unique survey link. This stops them doing the survey more than once.

And this allows us to add extra information for later analysis when we upload the email addresses. We can upload details from your loyalty program or from your customer database or staff list.

We can upload the standard demographics of age, gender, and home postcode. Doing that saves three questions – and about a minute in survey time.

Then, we can upload, from your records, the number of coffees they bought from you last week, or the value of their cash investments with you, or the value of their loans with you, or how long it has been since they last shopped with you, or their rank or length of service with you. 

And more – up to 200 descriptors which we can then use to identify opportunity and areas of strength or segments that need to be strengthened. And all without adding another question the participant needs to answer.

Hence, shorter but efficient, effective surveys.

If we can help you further build your business by running shorter surveys, rich with pre-loaded, pre-known details, giving you better insights, please call or email Philip Derham, or call 0414 543 765.