Getting answers that give you the insights you need – quickly.

Long surveys that ask all the questions you ever wanted answered are time consuming for the participants and give them little immediate benefit.  As a result., people can start and then just stop.  And so deprive you of knowledge of their motives, needs, and activities with you or with your competitors.

But there is a solution.

Most people will share their views if the surveys are short and the questions relevant to them. 

Our 20 Questions One Topic Monitors™. have been specifically developed to be short so people will make the time to answer them, but are still detailed enough to tell you what you need to know.

These short, comprehensive, pre-written online surveys get fast, detailed answers because participants can do them where and when they want.  And on their mobiles, laptops, PCs or even on their tablets.  Our 20 Questions One Topic Monitors™ combine the sharpness of yes/no closed-ended answers with the extra depth we get when people add in their own answers.

When we survey your customers, we can pre-include what you already know and need not aggravatingly ask again.  These known details can be your customers’ age, or gender, or home area, and, if you have pre-segmented your customers by their business value, we can add that too.

The 20 Questions One Topic Monitors™. process is easy. 

We discuss your needs with you, advise the relevant 20 Questions One Topic Monitor to you.  You agree and supply your customer sample.  We supply the personalised survey and email people from your customer database.  We receive all responses and report the findings quickly.  And if you need to know about people who are not yet your customers, we can survey people from appropriate lists too.

To know more about our cost-effective 20 Questions One Topic Monitors™, call or email me now – (+61) 0414 543 765 or

Philip Derham


Derham Insights Research