In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our research has continued to use online research qualitative and quantitative methods. Depending on the need and the legal situations at the time, we may also undertake face-to-face research, if appropriate.

Our online tools allow us to interview, to listen or to observe people’s views and behaviours comfortably and effectively. This research is undertaken with people in their homes, or wherever else they feel safe.

We are also undertaking online surveys, with customers, prospects and staff, just as we’ve been doing since 2001.

These online interviews, discussions or surveys can be undertaken by the people using their computers, laptops, tablets, iPads or mobile phones. This range of facilities has the advantage that the research can be undertaken where and when the people participating wish.

And online does not mean a loss of the face-to-face element.

We use online face-to-face interviews and online face-to-face discussion groups. In these, we can see the people participating and they can see us, retaining that human touch. And the capacity to see participants’ reactions, show visuals and use audio prompts. All just mediated by the screens.

These visual interviews and discussions can give additional insights.

These insights can come because we can often see more of the participants’ home environments and family dynamics than when in a physical venue not their homes.

The short advice is that if you need insights now to help strengthen your business, contact Philip Derham – now, because we can still, despite COVID-19, get you the insights you need quickly and effectively.

To know more, please contact Philip Derham on T: (61) 0414 543 765 or E: