Answers that strengthen your business.

Direct dealing with customers helps to understand their needs and regular customer surveys further strengthen that knowledge, enabling you to better satisfy those customer needs.

Today, surveys need to be written for easy completion on mobile phones. Questions with pre-set answers can help as customers can easily select one or more of the pre-set answers.

Getting the right options in pre-set lists is not always easy, as customer needs are not always clearly expressed. As an example, a client list of answer options included 7 perceived main customer needs, which were to be measured for satisfaction and ranked in importance to the customers.

To be sure these 7 perceived needs were customer needs, in the survey, we first asked customers to type in their main needs of the business. We found that:

·       Unprompted, customers cited 6 main needs they had for dealing with the business.

·       Of these, 4 main reasons were also on the perceived needs, pre-set answer list.

·       But 2 of the unprompted needs customers mentioned had not been known to the business.

·       Unprompted, 3 main needs the business thought were important were not mentioned by customers.

With this extra knowledge, we were able to measure and rank customer motivations as the customers saw them, and so were able to provide clear directions for the business. 

Thus while pre-set answer choices can make for quick and easy surveys, you need to first establish what is important to your customers, and then measure those. Our surveys are expressly designed to do that, so that our findings strengthen your customer-related decisions. 

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