Australia’s most scammed! Perception and reality!

This blog is about Australians’ most scammed people. 

The perception is that older people are more easier scammed than are other people.  But as a market researcher and an insight professional, we look at the facts before assuming the perception is the reality.

The facts are, according to Scamwatch, for the 3 months January to March 2022 that 55,904 Australians reported being scammed. Each who was scammed lost, on average,$2,991.

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Men lost on average $4,399 while women lost only $1,730 each on average.

But the biggest losers were those aged 25 to 34 years.  On average each young person lost $10,941 while the older people (those aged 65 years plus) lost on average only $2,364 each

The State that was most profitable for scammers was Queensland.  In Queensland, each scammed person lost an average of $7,667.

In comparison, people in NSW and in Victoria were more cautious.  The people scammed in NSW lost on average only $1,856 and the penny-pinching Victorians lost on average only $1,676.

When we put this data together, the picture then is that the reality of people scammed are young people, people living in Queensland, and men.

This is quite a different reality to the perception that the most scammed people are the poor old things.

Accordingly, our recommendation is always to test your perceptions before you launch into expensive campaigns, so you ensure that the market you’re talking to, is really the market that is there.

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