Brands. To have and to hold.

Known brands are shorthand to get quick customer and prospect recognition; and response and purchase.  Unknown brands get querying and questioning; may not be seen; and get lower consideration and lower purchase likelihood.

If your brand is known, why change?

  • To strengthen the business. New laws allowing Credit Unions to rebrand as Banks may enable more new business.
  • To enter new markets.  The Surrey Hills Café brand may be too localised to work elsewhere.
  • To become current.  The Buggy Whip Manufactory brand may be too dated a brand for phone app developer.
  • The brand is damaged.  The White Pointer Bait surfboard brand may sell more if rebranded.

Choices for the better brand decision.

Take a punt and hope for the best?

Or to find out what your current and future customers’ views of your brand are now, and the impact of alternatives. Then, with knowledge, decide.  (The business-strengthening decision).

Identifying your customer views can be done using online and offline focus groups, specific surveys or our 20 Questions Brand Monitor™

The 20 Questions Brand Monitor™ is an online survey, for all your email-accessible customers, with personalised questions about brand awareness, brand attributes, brand perceptions, brand preferences, and likely actions if the brand were…

We can add a sample of others not from your database as a comparison, if needed. To know more, please contact me today!  Details below.