But I’ve just bought it!  Why you need customer research findings before trying to sell more!

Three months ago, I bought a webcam circle light, so my Zoom sessions were better lit, and a lapel microphone, so I could make clearer sounding videos. 

Both were bought from online stores, with positive brands.

But, since the purchases, the online stores have emailed me at least weekly, offering to sell me another circle light or another microphone.

But with only one voice and one face, I don’t need more microphones or lights. 

And the constant sales emails of lights and microphones made me wonder about the quality of what I’d bought and the worth of the store brands.  And whether in future, I’d be better shopping elsewhere.

Then I realised.

The problem was that the sales follow-up program noted what I’d bought and thought those items were my interest, and so continued trying to sell those to me.  Possibly, this approach could work were the purchases chocolate or coffee.  But not for more of the same equipment.

And the same would be true were the products mortgages or other loans, specific use products or services.

What was needed was an understanding of why I’d bought the items and what were the relevant ancillary products or services that would complement the items. 

Here, a short piece of customer research would have identified why the items were bought and what they were being used for.  And then more relevant sales messages (a greenscreen for the background, chairs that didn’t squeak, light-softening blinds, stands for scripts, production software, etc.) could have been sent -and additional sales obtained. We can help you to identify additional sales opportunities after an initial sale, by researching your customers.  If you’d like to know more, please call me on 0414 543 765 or email me at derhamp@derhamresearch.com.au