Things were looking up…

Things were looking up, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported on Monday July 13, 2020 in its June 2020 COVID-19 survey report*.

Key (and positive points) were that in June 2020:

Fewer Australians reported personal stress because of COVID-19 (24% compared with 43% in April 2020). 

Only 9% said they were suffering from loneliness (down from 22% in April 2020). 

And particularly, among those aged 18-64 years, those who said they had problems maintaining a healthy lifestyle declined to only 9% compared with 22% in April 2020.

Then COVID-19 hit back

Melbourne is in another 6-week lockdown.  Victorians are locked out of other States.  There are sporadic COVID-19 outbreaks elsewhere.

All of which means that the good-news Australian Bureau of Statistics report is out of date and so difficult to use for business decisions.   

Not because of any fault in its research or delivery, just in its timing.  But the timing means its results are less of a guide to action than may have been hoped when it was undertaken.

Ups and downs among your customers

Given the rapid mood changes reported by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, you too could expect similar ups and downs in behaviours, in attitudes, and in intentions among your customers.

And from something just out of your control – the unfortunate continually changing COVID-19 induced lockdowns, outbreaks, and publicity. 

Staying on top of your customers’ mind and behavioural changes, so you can plan and market accordingly, requires quick response.

Stay on top with our online services

Our online services can tell you quickly what your customers are thinking, why they are thinking it, and what they are doing or plan to do, when…

Our online surveys get quick and effective responses. 

Most participants complete our surveys in the first forty-eight hours, giving a solid sample for fast, thorough analysis.

We report your insights speedily, so you get clear insights when those are current.  Which allows you to plan and market to the current, rather than to the past.

Contact Philip Derham to stay on top of what is now, not past

If you feel that knowing what is now, rather than what was past, will help you strengthen your business in the next COVID-19 months, please call or email Philip Derham now. 

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* Source:   4940.0 – Household Impacts of COVID-19 Survey, 24-29 June 2020, released July 13, 2020.