Customer databases can reveal great opportunity!

Facts that database analyses identify can highlight new and strengthened business opportunity, we’ve found.

As examples, a farmers’ publication had a very high capital city readership, which seemed odd.  Or some discount card users are regular shoppers at the stores, while others appear to visit rarely, or that a financial institution had more mortgages in Sydney’s western suburbs but more customers in Canberra.

Database facts like these can suggest groups you can market to, or may suggest the benefits of reviewing your distribution, product, messaging and offer, or more.

But the missing bit of knowledge is the “Why?” 

Database analyses on their own can’t explain why there were high city sales, nor why some customers are frequent shoppers and others are not.  The database analyses can show you the “who” but not the “why” that explain the customer motivations.

We can add that “Why” element and so help you make your marketing campaign more motivational. 

And finding that why can reveal unexpected but profitable markets – city dwellers reading the farmers’ publication were intending hobby farmers.  They were a good market for preparatory goods like small, city-garage size tractors [1] bought in anticipation of buying the farm.  And this knowledge gave the publication a new range of advertising customers.

When your database analyses reveal groups of potential opportunity, ensure that you know the motivational “why” too, so your campaigns motivate most effectively.  We can help you to know the “why”. 

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[1] Cited with client approval