Do you see what I see?

The risk is that not all customers, not all prospects, see what you see.

In the real-life, graphed example, staff see their business benefits as being friendly, secure and offering competitive products.

do-you-see-what-i-see-graphFewer customers agree.

Prospects do not see what staff see and scarcely see the client at all.

Benefits seen from within may not be the reasons customers or prospects buy.

Is, for example, the benefit sold to shoppers of “the great tasting coffee” the main reason to buy coffee from a shopping centre café?  Or is it the chance to sit and rest, and have some refreshment?

Marketing to “what the buyers see” rather than to what you see increases your marketing return on investment.

Knowing what your customers/prospects see, want and will buy makes your marketing more effective and increase its ROI.

Research identifies buyers’ and prospects’ perceptions.  So by knowing, research sharpens your marketing and your marketing investment return.

To ensure your views and your customers’ views are aligned, please call or email me for the next steps.