Doing more with less – getting the tactics right, while ensuring the overall strategy is right!

Fifty-six years ago, the song “The times – they are a’changing” was a stunning revelation that things change, pop history says.  But the reality is that people change, needs change, markets change, over time – and always have. 

Change is the business challenge for us all.  What motivates today is tomorrow’s past fad or discarded favourite. 

This makes keeping your business tactics right and most effective a constant challenge.  

And with budgets often now tight, you are probably doing more with less.   Yet insights from your customers and prospective customers can give your tactics the effective edge.

Your tactical decisions – to open an outlet here, to use this or that ad, to support this or that community activity, to advertise this offer by email or on social media – can be rapidly strengthened with the insights we can give you.  These tactical insights come from our relevant Monitors.  These pre-written, online surveys can get you very cost-effective results (the “more for less”), very quickly.

Hence, if you (or your colleagues) have a tactical problem that can be better resolved with rapid, survey-based insights (perhaps incorporating your own customer data, too), please call me.  You’ll get a very rapid insights turnaround, so you can make your strengthened tactical decisions quickly.

But some decisions are more strategic.  These require more extensive research.

For example, you’d be unlikely to change your brand name, or enter a new industry sector, without a sound strategic basis for that change. 

Strategic decisions do require more extensive research to uncover the insights needed. 

We can develop the relevant, but more extensive, insights generation you need to ensure your strategy is relevant as you need, or in time for your next strategic review.

So, whether you are seeking to do more with less, or to confirm your strategic direction, please call or email me to discuss what you and I can do to strengthen your business.

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