Endeavour Mutual Bank


Thank you to all those who completed Endeavour Mutual Bank’s member surveys and thank you also to all the members who also chose to enter the “Thank you” competition at the end of those surveys. Your support, advice and assistance is much appreciated and will be reported to Endeavour Mutual Bank shortly.

The winners of the “Thank you” competition have now been selected at random and they are:




And they have been emailed separately, advising them of their prizes.

The promoter is Derham Marketing Research Pty. Ltd.

NSW Permit number LTPS/19/34473

The three Endeavour Mutual Bank Surveys to be undertaken in May 2019 and the “Thank You” competition associated with those are open only to Endeavour Mutual Bank members who are aged 18 years or older as at May 6, 2019.

The three surveys will be undertaken as online surveys and Endeavour Mutual Bank members may be contacted and invited to participate in them by:

  • Emails sent directly by the Endeavour Mutual Bank on or from May 6, 2019,
  • Emails sent by Derham Marketing Research on behalf of the Endeavour Mutual Bank on or from May 6, 2019,
  • Invitations issued via the popups or other advices on the Endeavour Mutual Bank website https://www.endeavour.bank/ .

Members who are unaware of the surveys and their associated “Thank you” competition during the time it is open, have no eligibility to complete the survey and or to participate in the survey completers’ “Thank you” competition subsequently.

The surveys will be run from May 8, 2019 until May 18, 2019.

Three individual, eligible members who complete the survey during the specified time and provide a valid email address will be randomly selected, on May 18, 2019 as one of the three winners in the “Thank you” competition.  Each one of these three members will win one store gift electronic voucher, and each card or voucher will have a value of $500.  The store the voucher can be used at may be chosen by each winner, from the range of stores, services or charities for which electronic vouchers are provided by Gift Pay (www.giftpay.com.au/business/).  These stores and services can include among others, Coles, JB Hi-Fi, Myer, Priceline, Woolworths, Apple, BCF, David Jones, Rebel, Big W, Caltex Woolworths, K-Mart, Optus, Supercheap Auto, Target, Optus, Vodafone, Event Cinemas, Bunnings, EB Games, kikki.k, Freedom, Harris Scarfe, Harvey Norman, The Good Guys, Endota Spa, other services and a range of charities, as available from Gift Pay at the time the winners choose to redeem their prizes.  The vouchers can be used at any time within three years of emailed advice that the gift voucher is available.

Derham Marketing Research will advise the Endeavour Mutual Bank of the email addresses of the winners, and Derham Marketing Research will arrange distribution of the “Thank you” competition prizes to those winners.

Only one entry per participant (as defined by email address) into the “Thank you” competition is permitted.

The Judge’s decision on all matters relating to this contest is final.  The judge is Philip Derham, Director, Derham Marketing Research Pty. Ltd.

Entry to the “Thank you” competition requires the participant to add their email address to the last screen of the survey.

The survey will close at 9 am on May 18, 2019 and the draw for the prizes will be undertaken at 10 am that day at Derham Marketing Research’s premises at 6 Everton Grove, Surrey Hills, Victoria, 3127.

Surveys may be submitted without respondent email address details, as entry into the “Thank you” competition is voluntary, but any submissions that lack these details will not be entered into the “Thank you” competition.

No winner will win more than one prize and 3 individual participants will win one prize each. 

The prize winning entries will be selected by random draws of all numbers from the range of 1 and the total number of entries with email addresses, and received by the close date.  Three RANDBETWEEN functions will be used to select the winning numbers and the email addresses in the corresponding row numbers on the survey’s entrants’ Excel spreadsheet will be chosen as the randomly selected winners.

The winners’ email addresses (prefixes only) will be published on https://www.derhamresearch.com.au  on May 18, 2019 and will remain there for three months after the draw.

If any prize is or prizes are unclaimed after three months from the draw date, the promoter will undertake a fresh draw for as many new prize winners as needed to ensure the three prizes are provided to winners.  And this no-response fresh draw will continue each three months until all prizes have been distributed.   And, if after the fresh draw is undertaken, a previously advised person seeks to claim their prize, these rules clearly state that, once a fresh, three months later draw has been undertaken, earlier winner selections are no longer valid and such three-months or later claimants will have forfeited any claim to a prize.

These terms and conditions will be published on https://www.derhamresearch.com.au before the survey begins and remain there for three months after the survey’s close date of May 18, 2019.

Note: As one of the randomly selected winners was ineligible, a fresh redraw was undertaken (on July 17, 2019) and a new winner was randomly selected.