How we can strengthen the results from your online surveys

Response graph July 4Improved online survey techniques help you to get strengthened results.  At no extra cost, which is why we continually review our research techniques.

One recent review showed that we could get good numbers of responses from 1 email invitation and could close the survey in 48 hours (as the graph shows).

But additional customers responded to the 2nd invitation.

Keeping the survey open longer also enabled more very satisfied customers to respond.

In this reviewed customer satisfaction survey, 3,000 responded –most within 24 hours (61%).  But responses continued for days after each email.

We analysed the “within 24 hours”, and the “2+ days later” responses.

We found that:

  • 54% of those who responded within 24 hours were very satisfied with the client,
  • 62% of customers who responded 2+ days later were very satisfied.
  • This was nearly 3 standard errors difference, and so statistically significant.

Including these later-responding very satisfied customers increased the overall satisfaction measure, a useful benefit if customer satisfaction is a KPI.

The conclusion is that while we can close a survey after 48 hours and have a good sample size; to give you the best results, our preference is to keep your online surveys open for at least 10 days.

To know more about our business-strengthening online surveys, please call or email Philip Derham.  Please click on the Contact Us tab to email or to ring him.