Key Insights – customers and staff

The Five Key Customer Insights Monitor™ tells you what motivates customers –  so you can act!

The Five Key Customer Insights Monitor™:

* Tells you customers’ satisfaction; their recommendations; and their purchase behaviour; identifies competitor strengths; and so

* Enables you to target key customers; act to retain customers; market to convert profitable non-customers; and strengthen your market share.

How do you get these insights?

From our Five Key Customer Insights Monitor™.

This online phone, laptop, PC or tablet survey gets you customers’ motivations quickly and reliably.

 You can get the insights from your own customers; or you can add an Australia-wide 500 sample, so you can compare your customers’ insights with those of the broader market. 

This additional option enables you to compare insights you gain from your customers with those of the broader market.  The comparison often identifies additional needs and opportunities.


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