Observation – the research may be not obvious, with researchers watching from a little way away, or the researchers may engage with and watch the customers as they shop or do what they normally do.

Watching can be aided by eye-tracking, filming and commenting as the customer goes about their business, and can look at actions as well as cues such as dress, speech patterns or shopper groups and interactions.   In some studies, customers undertake the observation themselves – they use their smart phones to record and upload answers to our enquiries.

The key benefits of observation is that you see what is done, rather than what may be said to be done, and is undertaken in the heat of the moment, so what is recorded is what happened and what was happening to the researched people at the exact time.

Contact Philip Derham for more watchful information.  His contact details are E: derhamp@derhamresearch.com.au  or T: (+61) 0414 543 765.