20 Questions One Topic Monitors

We’ve found that often people answering surveys say they want quicker, shorter surveys; surveys they can do on PCs, laptops, tablets or smart phones; and when and where they want to.

Clients often say they want quick, reliable answers to specific, immediate needs, with cost-effective and rapid results.

The solution is (often) to use one of our 20 Questions One Topic Monitors™.  These Monitors are pre-written online surveys, specifically designed for mobile phones, computers and laptops or tablets.

Our 20 Questions One Topic Monitors™ contain 6 people-descriptive questions, 2 open response questions and 12 single answer, ranking or multiple choice questions. These questions can be asked of everyone on your email list, or asked of specific segments from that list (e.g. those aged under 40 years).

As the surveys are pre-existing, we can run them and, perhaps more importantly, report them quickly.

Monitors include:

Working from home needs; Loans; Investments; Credit cards; Insurances; Post-purchase payments; Social media; Advertising impact; Service; Owners Corporation;  Landlords; Perceptions; Branding; Competitive positioning; Brand names;  Recommender;  Competitors; Channels, Staff views; and more.

The Monitor fees include incentives to encourage people to start and to complete the survey.  Additional fees for accessing panel members will apply if the Monitor is to be run among people other than your own customer database.

To find out more – contact Philip Derham today!  E:    derhamp@derhamresearch.com.au   or  T:  (+61) 0414 543 765.