How you can identify your staff motivations, to help them work to strengthen your business.

When you seek to strengthen your business, post-COVID-19, one key group to have on side are your staff.  Their interactions now and then can have a significant impact.

You can find their worries and motivations by survey.  We can help you with those staff surveys.  And, as outsiders, staff are more comfortable telling us what they think than they are telling colleagues in-house.

When planning your staff survey, you’ll set out what you need to know, so we get you those answers.

Other factors may be relevant and worth testing.

As many employees have or are still working from home, one relevant factor may be the time spent commuting to work, when they return to your workplace.

Until the COVID-19 lockdowns, on average, employees were commuting for an hour a day to and from work.

And employees in Sydney and Melbourne were spending more time commuting (71 and 65 minutes).  This has an impact on job satisfaction and engagement too.  Job satisfaction averages only 7 on a 10 point scale*.

There may be other, specific-to-your-workplace factors too.  We can find those before the survey, by interviewing some staff anonymously.  And those can then be included in your staff survey, covering all bases.

If insights into your staff’s motivations to really strive for you will help you strengthen your business post-COVID-19, I’m happy to discuss those further with you. 

My contact details are: E: and T: (+61) 0414 543 765.

​* Source: The Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia Survey: Selected Findings from Waves 1 to 17. Melbourne Institute, University of Melbourne.