Identifying and then retaining disengaged customers.

When surveying customers and former customers for clients, the survey response rates from each group differ.  Customers are usually happy to participate and ex-customers rarely bother doing so.  That is expected, given the different levels of involvement with the client organisation.

But, when customers are analysed by their involvement, using measures such as recency of purchase, value of ongoing business, etc., we find different patterns of response among those the client describes as customers, as the graph shows:

Customers who have not bought, or who are not using profitable services, respond at levels similar to those of ex-customers.  Customers who are active purchasers, or users of high value products, are even more likely to participate in customer surveys than customers overall.

This is more than just nice-to-know.

This post-survey analysis enables you to identify disengaged customers before they become ex-customers.  You can then decide whether those disengaged customers are worth working to retain, or whether it’s more realistic and cost-effective to just let them drift away.

As an example, realistically, how many packs, tents, hiking boots, sleeping bags, or cooking equipment can any one person buy?  After they have bought all they can carry, are they really ongoing prospective customers – or just people who once were?

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