Improve your Satisfaction KPIs – by up to 3 SEs.

When customers do more with you, you can assume they are satisfied with your products, prices and service.

But as assumptions are just assumptions, many organisations survey their customers’ to establish their satisfaction levels and report those as formal KPI measures.  We’ve found it strengthens your satisfaction KPI results if you let your survey run for a little longer time.

Most people complete their online or on-mobile surveys within 48 hours of their emailed invitation, so it can be tempting to close then and report the results quickly.

For customers who are just satisfied, that approach is fine.

The proportions of customers who are just satisfied remain stable from the first to the tenth day after the survey opens.

But the very satisfied customers are different.

While more of the very satisfied customers complete their survey within 48 hours, quite a few take longer.  They keep your email invitation and return to it three, five or even seven days after it was sent to them.

In surveys, we’ve seen the extra time help the very satisfied proportion to grow from 54% after 48 hours to 62% after five days – significant 3 standard error gains.

This very satisfied proportion growth also boosts the net satisfaction level, making your net satisfaction KPI stronger too.

As we effectively measure customers’ satisfaction, please call or email Philip Derham to discuss your next steps to better measures and strengthened satisfaction KPIs.  His contact details are below.


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