Insights explain divergences between satisfaction and the NPS

Recently, a client asked us to add the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to their customer engagement KPIs, and then in our next customer survey for them, we found they had maintained their high and positive 90% customer satisfaction measure but had an NPS of +19.

As the two measures seemed a little at odds, we looked for insights to explain the divergence.

Our first insight was the divergence between the client’s very satisfied and their (just) satisfied customers, as the graph shows.

The very satisfied customers generated the very positive +54 NPS, but the (just) satisfied customers generated the very negative NPS of-117. 

We then saw that the (just) satisfied customers were primarily detractors, who were unlikely to recommend the client to others.  For the NPS to rise, the client knew they’d have to improve but needed to know what, where and for which customers.

The survey results showed the very satisfied customers differed noticeably from the (just) satisfied customers in demographics and use of the client’s services.  Research also highlighted differences in attitudes and in motivation between the very satisfied and the (just) satisfied customers. 

These insights enabled the client to use their database more effectively to promote relevant messages to the (just) satisfied customers and so strengthen their next NPS results.

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