Thank you to the many Instil members who participated in the recent Instil members’ survey.  Your survey responses are much appreciated, and the summary results have now been reported to the Instil Board.

The randomly selected winner of the Thank you competition was Nadine Woods.



The promoter is Derham Marketing Research Pty. Ltd.

The Instil Members’ Survey 2018 and the “Thank You” competition associated with that are open only to members of Instil who are aged 18 years or older as at April 19, 2018.  For the purposes of this competition and permit, people are to be considered members if they are on Instil’s member and past member, non-member Chief Executive Officer or HR Manager lists as detailed in Excel files supplied by Instil to Derham Marketing Research Pty. Ltd. for use in this survey.

The survey will be undertaken as an online survey and Instil contacts may be invited to participate in it by emails sent to all whose email addresses are held by Instil as at April 18, 2018.

Members who are unaware of the survey and its associated “Thank you” competition during the time it is open, have no eligibility to complete the survey and or to participate in the survey completers’ “Thank you” competition subsequently.

The competition will run from April 19, 2018 until 9 pm on April 24, 2018.

One eligible Instil member who completes the survey during the specified time and provide a valid email address will be randomly selected, on April 25, 2017, as the winner in the “Thank you” competition, and will receive three free passes to one or a combination of three of its 2018 Industry Development Forums – total prize value up to $2,400 ex GST.  The events for which the passes are valid include the Instil Marketing, the Instil Lending, and/or the Instil Meet the Fintech events.

Derham Marketing Research will check the randomly selected winning email address against the list supplied by Instil.  If and when the winning entry is verified as being from that list, Derham Marketing Research will advise Instil, which will arrange distribution of the “Thank you” competition prize.

Other people may undertake the survey but unless they are an Instil member as defined above, they are not eligible to enter the “Thank you” competition.

Only one entry per member is permitted.

The Judge’s decision on all matters relating to this contest is final.  The judge is Philip Derham, Director, Derham Marketing Research Pty. Ltd.

Entry to the “Thank you” competition requires the participant to add their email address to the last screen of the survey.

The survey and competition will close at 9 pm on April 24, 2018 and the draw for the prizes will be undertaken at 10 am the next day at Derham Marketing Research’s premises at 6 Everton Grove, Surrey Hills, Victoria, 3127.

Surveys may be submitted without respondent email address details, as entry into the “Thank you” competition is voluntary, but any submissions that lack these details will not be entered into the “Thank you” competition.

The prize winning entry will be selected by a random draw of all numbers from the range of 1 and the total number of entries received by the close date.  One RANDBETWEEN function will be used to select the winning number and the email address in the corresponding row number on the survey’s entrants’ Excel spreadsheet will be chosen as the randomly selected winner.

The winner’s email address (prefix only) will be published on  on April 26, 2018 and will remain there for three months after the draw.

These terms and conditions will be published on before the competition begins and will remain there for three months after the survey’s close date.

NSW permit number LTPS/18/24260