Knowing, not guessing, what motivates really helps you sell.

Joining was easy.  I was in the store.

I’d bought some hiking gear and would get a slight discount if I joined the retailer’s loyalty scheme, giving them personal details to add to the product purchase details.

A great start to an ongoing sales relationship?  No!  No, because the retailer’s monthly promotional email is a standard listing of things I could buy for me, at cheap prices.

Yet, in this sector, what motivates me is hiking gear for children.  They love the outdoors, and I’m a sucker for anything that makes their hiking experiences better.

The retailer’s lack of knowledge of what motivates me, and people like me, means their emailed promotions do not generate sales from me – nor from people like me.

After all, I only need one pack and one pair of boots.  The new equipage opportunities for the children are far, far more – and they keep growing and so need new clothing, new boots and new gear.

Our customer research can easily, quickly and cost-effectively tell this retailer what really motivates groups of their customers.  Then they can market to those actual motivations and generate more sales as a result.

If you feel your marketing could also be sharpened with appeals to your customer groups’ motivations, and want assistance identifying those, call, email or use the form below to contact Philip Derham for the next steps.