Life’s most useful possession –

Life’s most useful possession – the mobile phone!

Whatever make or model you have, your mobile phone is smart, sleek, sinuous – taken and used everywhere.

It is used for the mundane – the voice call – and is the recorder of Mobile_phone_surveysalmost everyone’s daily life.

The mobile phone records and replays life through its calendar, its photo gallery – of friends, of travel, and particularly of food – whether eaten or admired!

The mobile phone records your contacts via its text message trails, its contact lists of friends, family – and others. Its GPS facility tells you where to go, and how to correct your mistakes when you miss the turning.

Its Internet access is the portal to almost everything you every want to know, see, listen to or watch.

And it is an ideal research tool for short and pinpoint-specific surveys – like our 20 Questions One Topic Monitors™.

image002Those doing the surveys can also send photos, videos or voice tags when needed, enriching the information we can analyse and report.

So, when you need to know, we can survey your audience and have them complete the survey on the devices they prefer – their mobile phones, or their laptops, PCs or tablets – as and where suits them best.

And the short, pinpoint-specific surveys work so well on mobile phones. When you need to know more, please call or email me.


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