Making interesting facts reveal business opportunity.

June 5, 2014

When you are looking for new business opportunities, lots of interesting facts leap out, and they can point to new directions, but can they help get morOpen-signe business?

One client came to us with lots of interesting facts and an expectation they pointed to new business opportunities.

The (public domain) facts they provided were that there were 11,764 cafés and restaurants in NSW and only 177 in the Northern Territory (1.6 cafés per 1,000 people in NSW and only 0.7 cafés per 1,000 people in the NT).
And that NT people earn more than people in NSW – $1,906 a week in NSW but 15% more in the NT ($2,184).

These “interesting facts” lead to the question of why are there fewer cafés per 1,000 people in the NT than in NSW?

The steps that followed from the interesting facts were to identify why there were fewer cafés per head in the NT, what barriers there were and particularly what would motivate NT people to eat out, and more.

Answering these and other questions required focus group and survey research.

So, when you need to go beyond the interesting facts, and know whether there is an opportunity, please call or email Philip Derham.

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