Merging what you know with survey answers enables you to sell more effectively.

Analysing the information you have about your customers helps strengthen your marketing.

Getting actual customer answers via surveys helps strengthen your marketing.

Combining both measures can charge your marketing, as a client recently reported.

When we analysed the client’s own customer data, we identified three major age/gender groups, then, when customer-spend-with-the-client data was added, we found seven spend and purchase frequency groups.

Each group was sufficiently different in characteristics that a single message would be unlikely to effectively motivate each.

We then surveyed customers to find what would motivate people in the different groups to respond – and also found their overall spending patterns (as they did not always shop with the client).

The pre-survey data analysis and group identification allowed the survey to answer specifically what people in each group did, and what motivated them.  The combined knowledge then enabled the client to extend their marketing effectiveness and marketing ROI. 

If you feel your 2019 can be strengthened with a similar customer data analysis/customer needs and motivations survey project, please call or email Philip Derham to discuss those next steps.