More people now are using their smart phones to complete online surveys.

As you know, smart phone screens are smaller than the more traditionally used PC, laptop, netbook or even tablet screens, so wondered if there had been changes in survey responses too.

We reviewed our recent online survey results by types of the devices used. These included Android smart phones, iPhones, iPads, Android tablets, Mac computers, Windows 8 computers, and computers running older Windows versions.

We found that:

1. The average time taken to complete the survey was the same, regardless of device used.

2. The same proportions answered open ended questions, regardless of device used.

3. Older men in particular tended to use PCs or laptops, younger people were more likely to use smart phones or tablets, and the middle aged were likely to use PCs, laptops, tablets or smart phones.

4. But, when answers differed, they differed by age or by gender, by activities or by intention, not by the type of device used.

These findings show that online surveys work regardless of the devices used, as the answers you get are consistent across all types of devices.

As our surveys are all device-agnostic – for easy completion on any device – we can get the maximum value from your online survey investment.

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