Online surveys get the numbers – cost-efficiently and on any device.

When we need to find out what your customers/prospective customers think, do and will do, in statistically reliable terms, we use surveys.

Online and mobile surveys can give the best reach and the most cost-efficient surveys.

We’ve found the best, most cost-efficient responses come from large customer databases that include names, addresses, email addresses and other relevant customer details.

With those, we can send personalised email invitations and reminders to your customers, so more complete the survey.

And email communications work.

We’ve found they give up to three times the responses of SMS invitations, and more again than other contact methods.

From recent email invitation surveys, we’ve found:

  • 6 in 10 completed the surveys on PCs or laptops,
  • 3 in 10 used smart phones,
  • 1 in 10 used tablets.

Our surveys are completely device-agnostic.

That is, they look good and work easily on large-screen laptops, on small-screen smartphones and mid-size tablets.

Email survey invitations get to your customers whenever and wherever they wish to get them – on holidays, in the train, at home at night, during the working day in bosses’ time.  And when they get the survey email invitation, they respond.

And it is much easier to respond on the device you use to get your emails than to take a phone call or post a letter. Hence, surveys based on email invitations work very well.

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