Planning Sessions – include your customers’ voices too!

For many, the next key business event is next year’s Planning Session.

For an effective Planning Session, you need a range of economic, industry, competitor and technology trends and details.

As your subsequent business plan happens to your customers and to your prospective customers, it can be useful to include their attitudes and intentions in the materials considered at your Planning Session.

In particular, to hear from your customers on their interest in and likely responses to your key interactions with them now and as those may be in the future.

Having that additional voice in your Planning Session will strengthen your deliberations.

We can help you to hear your customers’ voices for you.

We can talk to them and find out what they do, think and intend. And who and what influences them and where you fit in their lives and in their needs.

We talk and actively listen to them individually or in groups, in person, by Skype or on mobile video conversations.

Or we can survey large numbers and give you the voices of the many.

The voices of the many may be gathered by surveys written specifically for you, or by use of one of our 20 Questions One Topic Monitors™.

Adding your customers’ voices into the Planning Session deliberations helps focus the broader economic, technological, industry and competitor analyses you will be considering.

Hence, when preparing for next year’s Planning Session, include your customers’ voices and call us to help you assemble the voices for that mighty choir!