Private health insurance monitors

The Commonwealth Government has required all private health insurance providers to provide four basic levels of cover from April 2019.

The levels are:

  • Gold,
  • Silver,
  • Bronze, and
  • Basic.

These new categories could make it easier to compare different private health insurance products within the same fund, or to compare product offerings from different insurers.

To help private health insurers to understand the potential opportunities from these levels, Derham Marketing Research provides an Aware? Care? Upscale? Change? Monitor that confirms interest in, and opportunities from:

  • Existing private health insurance customers,
  • Competitor funds’ customers, and
  • People now without private health insurance, who may consider taking up such policies.

For more information, contact Philip Derham at or 0414 453 765.

Or download the brochure РThe Aware Care Upscale Change Monitor for more details.