Our publications

Improvements in market research techniques help us generate better responses for our clients.

We’ve researched a wide variety of people in English-speaking countries, and always seek ways to engage more effectively them.

As we find improvements in market research techniques or approaches, we summarise those in marketing research journals in Australia and overseas, so the improvements are available for the industry in general.

This is undertaken to help maintain people’s willingness to participate in marketing research generally, as willing participants give us the insights to strengthen our clients’ decisions.  The papers below summarise recent, past research technique reviews. Our work is progressing on a number of other technique elements of interest.

Recent papers include:

  • How Happiness Impacts Satisfaction and Recommendation Measures


  • Satisfaction and Recommendation: Should 2 KPIs Be Merged Into 1? 


  • World views collide to distort public discourse.  Research News, November 2016.
  • Does being patient pay off?  Research News, July 2016.
  • Using preferred, or understood, or effective scales?  How scale choice affects online survey data collection.  Australasian Journal of Social and Marketing Research, December 2011.  
  • Improved sampling by pre-segmentation.  Australasian Journal of Market Research, Vol. 15, No 1, June 2007.  
  • The impact of space and survey format on open ended responses.  Australasian Journal of Market Research, November 2004, Vol. 12, No. 2.
  • Benefiting from what you already know about your customers.


  • Change in questions and in methods can improve insights and clients’ budget effectiveness


  • Three steps to more effective focus groups.


  • Time to reflect on our assumptions.


If, in addition to the online versions, you’d like a hard-copy of any of these publications, please contact Philip Derham – E:    derhamp@derhamresearch.com.au or T:  (+61) 0414 543 765.