No need to reinvent the wheel (or survey).

Sometimes better decisions follow when you know what your customers want or need or can do.

This knowing need can be particularly strong now, as purchase patterns and habits are in locked-down change in Victoria, and nervous flux elsewhere.

The question is, then, are your knowledge needs unique or are they ones likely to be faced by others too?

If your decision-need problem or circumstances are unique, a specifically written survey may answer your insights needs.

If what you need to know is likely to be needed by others too, there may be a cost-effective option to writing your own unique survey. That option can be to use an existing relevant survey and tweak it to your specific needs.

We’ve found commonalities in knowledge needs now, in this unusual time. Our pre-written, online 20 Questions One Topic Monitors© may answer your need, as this 95 second video explains.

To find out more, contact Philip Derham now – email  or call  him on (+61) 0414 543 765.