Research interests

As market researchers, we analyse data from our clients’ research projects, identify salient findings, draw appropriate conclusions, and report those to our clients.  But as curious market researchers, we also review what we have done in each research project to see what could have been even more efficiently undertaken.

This curiosity , this “why is it so”, lead us recently to review the impact of survey length and device use (results summarised in “Are smart phone users less engaged survey takers?” Quirk’s (USA) Marketing Research Review, June 2016).


This analysis then lead to a review of the length of time a survey is open for completion on satisfaction rates.  The initial analyses suggest that surveys that are open longer achieve higher satisfaction measures of the client’s business than do surveys that close quickly (summarised in “Does being patient pay off?” Research News, July 2016).

Another technique recently reviewed is of the impact of matrix question order on survey answers.  This has been published in August 2018 in Quirk’s (USA) Marketing Research Review – Measuring the impact:  Is there a list order bias in in online survey matrix questions?

Other research improvement interests currently reviewed include the benefits of exclusions of people from specific industries from surveys, and happiness, satisfaction, recommendation and NPS measures.  It is anticipated those findings will be published in 2020.Smile face

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