Reported changes that can affect your business may not be the real changes you need to manage.

April 7, 2014

The CommonBank-queueswealth Government is considering plans to change the law to allow tellers to give general financial advice and sell financial products on commission.

Journalists reporting this say it may be good for financial institutions/bad for consumers or financial planners and shouldn’t happen.

The problem not addressed in the news: – Branch-based activity is diminishing rapidly.

The marketing research evidence:

Data suggests that over the last fifteen years:

*   The proportion of customers visiting a branch has declined to just about half of the total customers.Online-payment

*   Over the same time, Internet bank and smart phone app use has grown from almost nothing to use by half the customers.

*   And of Internet users, three quarters Internet bank at least monthly while only one in five visits a branch at least monthly.

The response needed

The important response for the finance industry is to establish how to engage with and to sell to the fast increasing number who Internet or app bank, while still engaging with the declining proportion who are branch visitors.

There may be similar changes in your industry, with reporting concentrating on those that may nor be the core ones that will generate more business for you.

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