Research helps marketers turn their sales back up.

What to do when sales decline?

A long-term profitable and well-known product presented its marketing team with just that challenge. 

Sales had been strong and then began a slow and gradual decline.  Some careful changes were tested and didn’t really alter the pattern.

The client then had us review their own internal customer data.  This revealed customer type and customer location change over time. 

While the reasons were open for speculation, our exploratory purchase motivation research (via discussion in online and in-person focus groups and individual interviews) gave good direction on likely reasons.  Which were confirmed by subsequent survey findings.

The client modified the product contents, to better reflect purchase motivation needs. 

They then re-advertised, emphasising how the product now satisfied buyer needs. 

And sales gradually increased.

If you would like to find out how your own customer data and purchase motivation needs research can help you to the answers you need to strengthen your sales, please call or email Philip Derham, whose contact details are on this site.