Satisfaction, the NPS, and Recommendation

Satisfaction is a key metric in measuring how customers feel after they have dealt with your organisation.  It can indicate ongoing business intention.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is designed to measure customer experience and indicate future business growth.

Recommendation measures are what people have done and to whom the recommendation was given.

Combined, the three measures provide clear KPIs that you can use to further strengthen your business performance and profitability.

Our research has found there can be disconnects between customer satisfaction levels, the NPS and past recommendations.

These disconnects can make it difficult to know which business elements need improvement, so that high satisfaction and past recommendation practices also generate high NPS measures. 

We’ve developed a quick and cost-effective solution to identify which customer groups you may need to concentrate on, so all the measured elements are in accord.

The solution is our Satisfaction NPS Recommender Monitor.

This Monitor enables you to identify those customers who are satisfied, who are intending promoters (yes, those with good intentions – think diets and weight loss intentions), and those who are actual recommenders.

When you know, you can market to the specific customer groups that need additional attention to strengthen your business. 

To know how the Satisfaction NPS Recommender Monitor can help you strengthen your business, please contact Philip Derham.