Saving time and money in getting insights from your customer research! 

Are your sales or enquiries are less than you want?

Customers and prospects may be going cautiously, concerned about increased personal and household costs, and the new Government’s impact on enquiries and sales is yet to be seen. 

But now, your need is to increase enquiries and sales or enquiry conversions.  Your decisions on how you can increase and convert will be stronger when you have clear insights into your customers’ (and prospects’) views, intentions, expectations, and current needs.

These insights can be quickly understood via a survey.  And in thinking about the outcomes you need from a survey, it can help to ask whether what you need to know is unique, or is it what you need to know similar to the insights others in your industry have also needed to know?

If your circumstances are unique, you will need a specifically written survey.

If the insights you need are common, a cost-effective option may be to use an existing relevant survey, tweaking it to your specific needs.  This can be quicker, cheaper and as effective.  

Our 20 Questions, One Topic Monitors© are pre-written surveys that can provide clear insights to your marketing and to your messaging, to your customer needs and their intentions, and their satisfaction and recommendation practices, and more.  The insights we can get can be from your own customers or customers from a broader pool, as you need. 

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