Smartphones and strengthened survey responses

Laptop Phone Online Survey
Laptop and smartphones with online surveys

Solutions to strengthen your online survey response.

When research technique matters to clients is when we (or others) find that research technique improvements can get strengthened results for no increases in the fees.

One recent research technique we reviewed was how the increased use of smartphones now influences online survey completions.

We analysed 14,111 recent online surveys and found that:

*  4 in 5 of the people who started, completed their survey.

*  84% of those who used desktops completed their survey,

*  66% of those who used smart phones completed their survey.

As every participant is valuable, we asked why fewer smart phone users completed their surveys.  The reasons were clear:

*  The smartphones’ smaller screen sizes; and so

*  Capacity to easily answer the questions (“my fingers are too big”), and

*  Smartphones often had slower Internet speeds than desktops had.

The solutions were just as clear and so we recommend:

*  Shorter surveys (with split samples and questionnaires, if needed) and specifically written for you;

*  When relevant, using one of our smartphone-specific 20 Questions One Topic Monitors or our Summary Spotlight Surveys.

For more information about how we can strengthen your survey findings, and so strengthen your decisions, please call or email Philip Derham now!  His contact details are under the Contact Us tab at the right/top of your screen.

The article and the data in full are available in the June 2016 edition of Quirk’s Marketing Research Review,