Strengthening your Net Promoter Score effectiveness by strengthening its relevance.

The Net Promoter Score is widely used to measure customer relationships and particularly customer loyalty to the organisation.  Its simple metric enables comparisons across time, across organisations and across staff.  Changes in it should reflect the effectiveness of management-initiated action.

The risk is that its very simplicity of measure enables the Net Promoter Score to be readily used, even when the context is not appropriate.

Two utility survey examples:

  • After a customer spent two hours on the phone, resolving a simple issue, the last staff member spoken with asked if the customer would complete a short Net Promoter Score survey – and asked expressly for a good number, as that would help them remain employed.
  • The second utility performed its job, in the time advised.  On completion, it emailed the customer a brief Net Promoter Score

In both cases, the service provision was the minimum required and the minimum expected.  Each delivered the service promised.  Each utility thus appeared to think that a reasonable Net Promoter Score could be expected from the contact, and so undertook their Net Promoter Score survey.

But as the context for each utility contact was to rectify a problem, the contact was not an engagement from choice.

That the engagements were forced and were engagements that could not be concluded until the problems had been resolved meant the context of the contact was more significant and more likely to influence the rating.  And of course, a direct staff request to get a good rating can also skew the genuine Net Promoter Score measures.

The research issue thus is to ensure the Net Promoter Score measures are used in the appropriate context, not as a simple one-size-fits-all-contacts remedy.

If you’d like to strengthen the value and utility of your Net Promoter Score use, and so ensure your measures are more effective, please call or email Philip Derham to discuss this further.  His contact details are on the Contact Us page (to the right on the screen menu).