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Self perceptions and your advertising

February 24, 2014

“I used to be the only wog in town” lamented Joe when we interviewed him, in person, for an hour. His interview was one of a dozen personal, face-to-face interviews we did to identify how our client could get more business.

In this long, personal interview, Joe went on to say “Now, there are lots of wogs here and I’m not special – except for my job (he was a highly paid professional). I eat out most nights, have a little farm and a flat in town, and pay the girls’ private school fees.”
Joe’s mother came to Australia as a 2 year old and 44 year old Joe was born here. He has lived in the town for all his life, and so in the town’s Census stats, Joe counts as Australian-born, of European ancestry – and little different to John Howard or Bob Hawke.

 Yet Joe’s comments show he sees himself as an outsider in the town, not part of it, and so not a potential customer for the client’s business. Joe’s affluence made him an ideal prospect, if only he could see himself as part of his town and so a prospective customer.

white coupleAs we probed further in the interview with Joe, we found that he resented seeing only mainstream Anglo people pictured in the local advertising. We also found he rarely used local businesses that did not address him by including people who look like “wogs” in their advertising visuals.

Gaimulticultural-teamning or losing Joe’s hobby farm mortgage was worth $5 million, and, as he noted, there were lots more wealthy wogs like him in the town now.

The simplicity of the solution – showing real customers from a range of ethnic backgrounds in normal situations, doing normal things, was quick, cheap and easy for the client to do.

Joe did re-mortgage with the client a year or so after we interviewed him, and his motivation to enquire and then convert was the simple solution of showing some relevant ethnic diversity in the ads.

Identifying these sorts of barriers and these sorts of solutions comes from talking at length and in depth with people in person. While surveys count the “who” or the “how” many effectively, they may not get to the underlying emotions that are barriers to business – and which can provide solutions.

When looking to further strengthen your business, we can use personal interviews to uncover some effective motivational cues for you as well. Please call or email Philip Derham now to find out more.

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