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When planning your marketing research

March 14, 2014

When planning your marketing research program, different techniques can be used to get you the knowledge you need to strengthen your decisions.

Online focus groups are a three to five day long computer/tablet/mobile phone-based discussions between the moderator (me), and twenty or so of your customers or prospective customers or staff. We talk (type) twice a day about the issues you want to know about and get clear, cost-efficient responses.

By using online focus groups, we’ve included participants from Karratha (WA) in the same online groups as participants from Redfern (NSW), from Toorak (Vic) and from Mt. Gravatt (Qld) – and saved just that client over $10,000 in research project travel costs.

Online focus groups get more open and honest comments from junior staff in hierarchical organisations because the nom-de-plume each participant is given saves them from either suppressing comments or risking career-limiting repercussions. Ideas generated have improved distribution and branding – even when senior managements were sure all was adequate.

Participants log in to our secure site twice a day (for 10 to 20 minutes a time). In each session, they answer questions from us and then see the answers others gave, and then comment on those too, building up the layers of insight.

We get around 30% more words for analysis than we do from face-to-face-face focus groups, which gives more and richer information to answer your questions.

So if you are looking to further strengthen your business, depending on the need, online focus groups could be the approach to use.

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