That one nagging question…

You know that one nagging question that niggles away at you.

It’s that one you talk about with colleagues and friends, looking for a solution. And they kindly offer well-meant ideas and suggestions that you know aren’t the answer. Ideas and suggestions you’ve already thought of and discarded because they just didn’t explain and give you the real solution you want.

Sometimes the question is about customers.
*     “What more do we have to do to get their profitable business?”

Sometimes the question is about offers.
*     “What do we have to offer, to get more enquiries, because we can convert those, it’s the leads we want.”

Sometimes the question is about satisfaction.
*     “We have really high customer satisfaction, so why aren’t we used more? Or at least recommended more?”

And sometimes the question is about advertising.
*     “Why aren’t we getting a response to this really compelling ad?”

We can get the answer you need – quickly and effectively, with our 20 Questions One Topic Monitors™.

These single issue surveys can answer that nagging question.  The brochure (on this link – 20 Questions One Topic Monitors ) gives the details for 2015-2016 – and highlights one new benefit!

If you supply the survey sample with your customers’ names, email addresses and age, gender and home postcodes, you can add 3 extra questions of your own choice to the Monitor you are using!

To find out more, please call or email me today!