The danger in thinking you are like your customers! How we can save you from costly marketing mistakes!

“One of the stranger aspects of most bank ads is the assumption that you actually have any money saved .” so wrote a journalist on Monday.

Yet the reality is that many Australians do have money saved. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that the value of Australian household savings and deposits rose 3% in the December 2021 quarter, and were worth $1,465 billion.

Whether the journalist was just reflecting what they saw in the mirror or commenting without fact-checking was unclear.

Market to your customers, not your image

But as there are enough Australians with savings, it profits the banks to advertise to them.

Similarly, when you know who your customers and who your prospects are, your marketing and business growth will be stronger than if you just look in the mirror and assume. We can tell you your customers’ personal characteristics, value, and what will motivate them to use you or to do more with you.

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