The wheel? Reinvent or reuse?

A problem can emerge when you need to decide, but know a better decision will follow when your customers’ views or intentions, expectations or needs are there to help guide that decision.

Research – by asking people directly, via a survey – can often give you that decision-strengthening knowledge.  And speedily and inexpensively, with big audiences, as today, surveys are mostly online.

The question then is whether your knowledge-need is unique or is it one sometimes faced by others, too.

If your problem or your circumstances are unique, you will need a specifically written survey.

But, if what you need to know is not uncommon, there may be a more cost-effective option to writing your own unique survey.

That option can be to use an existing relevant survey and tweaking it to your specific needs.  That can be quicker, cheaper and more effective.  And those pre-written surveys include relevant supplementary questions needed to clarify answers given.

As we’ve found commonalities in knowledge needs over the years, we’ve developed a range of online Monitors – our 20 Questions One Topic Monitors © – that are pre-written surveys.   These get answers to questions about communications, customer needs and intentions, customer practice (that can supplement your own database analyses), customer satisfaction, experience, recommendation and more. 

The surveys can be undertaken with your own customers or customers from a broader pool, as needed.  The 20 Questions One Topic Monitors©  are modified to match your specific market and competition, branding and need.  And for a very cost-effective investment.

If you have a decision need that can be strengthened with answers from a survey, these Monitors may answer your need. 

To find out more, please email or ring me – or 0414 543 765.