Time to reflect on our assumptions.

Down time – particularly that of a relaxing summer break – can allow for reflections on the year just past. On its highs, on its what could have been, on the assumptions that were made.

That reflective time can enable you to return, as some did last year, with a determination to test marketing assumptions they’d made during the year. Some of the assumptions we tested for them included:

* That people “like me” were the customers. We found the customers were less “like me” and so a changed sales approach became profitable, quickly, as it targeted actual buyers more directly.

* That the most profitable customers were the most satisfied. Data analysed with survey results found the most satisfied customers were not necessarily the most profitable, requiring a rethink of the core customer group.

* That sponsoring a local sports team would get almost total audience reach, which we found was not necessarily the case. Knowing this, enabled them to allocate their sponsorship investment more effectively.

So, if you’ve had the time and the opportunity to consider assumptions, and would like to test those, to ensure your marketing and sales investment delivers the maximum returns, please ring or email or use the form on this site to contact Philip Derham to discuss the steps.