We can keep your business-strengthening insights coming – despite the coronavirus.

As you know, people are becoming cautious about associating with others because of fears of catching coronavirus.

We can neither stop the fears nor the virus, but those need not stop the customer insights needed to strengthen your business.

Our online interview and survey tools enable us to talk to and listen to people, in their homes or wherever they feel safe.  And they are still willing to assist by sharing their thoughts and motivations with us – online.

As an example of how well the online interview tool can work, we talked recently with a couple, online, about their finances and mortgage intentions.  We wanted to understand why they’d not sought a mortgage, though employed and eligible.  This insight was to help our client strengthen marketing approaches to people in similar situations.

After twenty minutes of online/computer-visual chat with the apparently happy couple, a small child appeared in the background, saw me on the screen, waved and said “Hi”.

One sweetly asked the other if she would put the child to bed, again.  

After the female partner left, the almost lovey-dovey couple also disappeared. 

For the next minutes, the man explained about their previous marriages, that the child was hers, not his, that only she could discipline the child, and so on.

The female partner reappeared. 

As did the image of the apparently happy couple facing me on the screen, and who were still unclear about their motives for not seeking a mortgage.

The online interview provided an interesting insight to be tested in the subsequent online survey.

But the additional takeout was that the insight was obtained safely for the couple and for me, so there was no fear of catching anything from the interview.

Thus, even in a time of heightened caution about personal interaction, we can get valuable insights by using our online research tools.

If you’d like to know more, please call or email Philip Derham to discuss how we can help you.

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