What do you think about chocolate? Holidays? And supermarkets?

These questions are the subject line of our invitation today to thousands of Australians, to test their preferences for online survey question types.

When we know the sorts of online survey questions people prefer to answer, we can ensure we ask your questions in the ways that get more, and more accurate, answers – strengthening the value of your research investment.

We are testing the ease of answering questions again now, because the devices used to complete online surveys have changed.

Once, there were only desktop PCs or laptops.

Now, you can use an iPhone, Ipad, Macbook, Surface, laptop, PC, Android tablet, Android smart phone, and more. All with different screen sizes and shapes. And all with different data input techniques -ranging from on- and off-screen keyboards to fingers.

Some styles of questions work really well on some devices. Other styles of questions work better on other types of devices.

Today, as PCs and laptops are used to answer only about two thirds of online surveys, it is necessary to know what question types are preferred by the people who complete our online surveys, on the screens they use.

This survey about chocolates, holidays and supermarkets is really about question types and question type preferences, made palatable by being about things more interesting.

We will report the results, but thought you may be interested to see what is being tested, and so invite you to also complete the brief survey. The link is:


If you’d like to know more, please call or email Philip Derham.