What encourages people to complete your survey?

What encourages people to complete your survey?

A gift? Points towards future rewards? A chance to win a prize? Curiosity and wanting to know what others think?

For longer surveys, chances to win a prize and direct gifts are apt. For short surveys, knowing is the incentive. And knowing leads directly to our new Summary Spotlight Survey Report with its potentially extensive findings.

When its 5 questions are answered, people immediately see the answer totals, and their own answers, so they can compare themselves with everyone else. And knowing how you compare is a strong survey completion incentive!

The benefits for you are far greater.

With short surveys, you get quick responses, quick knowledge and quick decision-making capabilities. And far more knowledge. Our Summary Spotlight Survey Report answers can be much more than the 5 questions we ask, to answer your specific information need.

We can pre-load everything you know about your customers. This saves asking again the personal and purchase details you already know.

Such respondent-saving pre-loaded knowledge can include customers’:

  • age and gender,
  • home address (for mapping), time at that address (measuring mobility),
  • family type and composition,
  • profit value or other segments you use, or credit history perhaps,
  • products held, bought, or applied for,
  • personal or household income and work status,
  • home or motor vehicle ownership, or assets and liabilities,
  • purchase frequency, wider product use, and more.

All this pre-known detail can be built into your 5 question survey, giving much the value of a longer survey, just cleverly asked to answer your specific need.

The results are quick, detailed and thorough answers to your one specific knowledge need. For more information about our Summary Spotlight Survey Report, please call or email Philip Derham.  Contact details are below.